Why us

Surely anyone will have a question in mind to choose his/her doctor. We doesn’t say that we are excellent but we leave this question to our patient. they are the best judge to decide.
Here we are incorporating our features in this page
  1. Team of dental specialist- we have a very competent team of dental specialist who can diagnose as well as manage all types of oral & maxillofacial issues. Kindly visit our team gallery.
  2. Modern treatment- we have incorporated all type of latest treatment options which are internationally approved and used like latest dental implants, lingual orthodontics, cosmetic procedure etc. kindly visit our services gallery.
  3. Infection control- this is one of the most important issue concerning our international patients as we all have heard of great rumor regarding delhi bug named bacterial infection in international patient which was later turned to be a rumor only and the journal also apologized for the same. This was a story but we at our clinic maintain a internationally accepted guidelines for sterilization. We include all tiers of sterilization procedure and it includes- cleaning, chemical cleaning (korsolex), autoclaving , glass bead sterlisation, proper placement of instrument in sterilized pouch, ultra violet chamber. So we assure you sterilization of global standards.
  4. Quality control- this is a major concern among patients that what type of materials been used for their treatment. As we are using all latest treatment modalities so the materials should be of best quality like we use alpha-bio implants, eddin implants etc, nano technology based composites, protaper for root canal treatments, zirconium crowns and so on. So feel free to verify and we assure you for quality.
  5. 5. Online query and consultation- as treatment is not only a ,matter of one or many visits but also in mean time we the team of specialist are available and patients are free to post their query or online consultation by making an online appointment.
  6. Ease and convenient- we provide all the case record to patient so that in future he can consult regarding the treatment he had undergone with us to his general practitioner or doctor anywhere worldwide.
  7. Infrastructure- We have a nice and patient friendly infrastructure and environment. So come and feel the experience.
  8. Cost effective- you can match our price list as well as all other quality , we are transparent.
  9. Dental tourism- make your trip to include your treatment as well as explore the rich culture & tourist destinations of eastern india.

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