Dental Treatment Price List

Dental Implants
Adin Implant (Israel)- Rs. 20000 Per Implant
Cortex Implant (Israel)- Rs. 25000 Per Implant (Life Time Warranty)
Alpha Bio Implant (Israel)- Rs. 25000 Per Implant (Life Time Warranty)
Nobel RS Implant (Nobel Biocare-Sweden)- Rs.40000 Per Implant (Life Time Warranty)
Nobel Active Implant (Nobel Biocare)-Rs.60000 Per Implant (Life Time Warranty)
Sinus Lift Surgery for Dental Implants(Single Side)- Rs.25000
Guided Bone Regeneration for Dental implants- Rs. 25000 Per Quadrant
Metal Free Crowns
BRUXZIR (USA) Procera, 3M Lava - Rs. 15000 Per Crown (15 Years Warranty)
Smart Zirconia (Premium) - Rs. 12000 Per Crown (10 Years Warranty)
Smart Zirconia (Classic) - Rs. 9000 Per Crown (7 Years Warranty)
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns
LASER PFM Crown - Rs. 7500 Per Crown (10 Years Warranty)
PFM Crown (Local)- Rs. 4000 Per Crown (No Warranty)
Metal Crowns
Tilite Crown - Rs. 4000 Per Crown (10 Year Warranty)
Metal Crown (Local)- Rs. 2000 Per Crown (No Warranty)
Cosmetic Fillings and Restoration
Laminates and Veneers (LAVA,Emax)- Rs. 12000-15000 Per Tooth (15 Years Warranty)
Direct composite veneer- Rs. 3000 Per Tooth
Composite (Ivoclar)- Rs. 2000 Per Tooth
Fluoride Cements/GIC(GC-Dent)- Rs. 800 Per Tooth
Other Fillings and Restorations
Simple Amalgam Filling- Rs. 1500 Per Tooth
Complex Amalgam Filling- Rs. 2000 Per Tooth
Indirect Pulp Capping- Rs. 2000 Per Tooth
Root Canal Treatment
1) Rotary RCT(Dentsply)
Front Tooth- Rs. 4000 Per Tooth
Back Tooth- Rs. 4500 Per Tooth
Retreatment RCT- Rs. 7000 Per Tooth
Pulpectomy (Child)- Rs. 3000 Per Tooth
2) Fibre Post And Core For Severely Damaged Tooth- 3000 Per Tooth (RCT And Crown Charges Not Included)
Tooth Cleaning
Ultrasonic Scaling- Rs. 1500-3000
(CAD/CAM Click Fit) Removal Partial Dentures Rs. 10000-20000 Per Jaw
Removal Partial Dentures(LOCAL)- Rs. 3000-6000 Per Jaw
Removal Full Mouth Complete Denture- Rs. 10000-20000
Imported Complete Denture- Rs. 40,000
Tooth Extraction/Removal- Rs. 800
Third Molar Extraction- Rs. 1500
Impacted Tooth Removal- Rs. 5000
Minor Surgeries- Rs. 2000
Biopsy- Rs. 3000
Orthodontics (Braces)
Metal Braces- Rs. 30000
Ceramic Braces- Rs. 45000
Lingual/Incognito Braces- Rs. 1,25,000
Invisalign(Clear or invisible braces)-Rs. 1,20,000 - 3,00,000
ZOOM Tooth Whitening (in an hour)
Zoom Office Whitening in an hour- Rs. 15000
Zoom Home Whitening- Rs. 7000
Cosmetic Dental Jewelry
Skyce Crystals- Rs. 2500 Per Crystal
Cosmetic Contouring- Rs. 1000

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